Private Placement Programs / Private Trade Program

What are the Private Placement Programs, better known as "PPP"?
The Private Placement Programs or High Yield Investment Programs are private programs based on the purchase/sale of bank financial instruments (mainly MTNs). These programs are offered to clients with high spending power and can only be executed by Traders with a license to carry out such operations. These instruments are bought fresh-cut with a significant discount on their face value to then be resold at a higher price in the secondary market. The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the trader/investors gain. An important part of the returns are destined to humanitarian causes and to the financing of business projects. Therefore, any institution takes precedence on this type of operation.

How is that, only a small number of people are known about these programs? Is this New?
These programs are not publicly known, and only a very small group of investors that own funds or Bank Instruments may have access to them -solely and exclusively by invitation-. They are not new; they are more than 55 years old.

Is it Secure?
There is no risk in PPPs, investors are totally protected. The purchase/sale of MTNs is "risk-free" provided that the Trader is assured to exit the instrument that was acquired before. If we are dealing with a real Trader, such exit will be assured by contract because of this there won't be any risk on the side of investors.Before the program begins, the Trader will "arrange" a future plan and understand what are the instrument which he is going to purchase and what would be the returns being generated from each of these instruments. He program will continue the same way as it was designed previously and it will be negotiated with the cutting house.

How and when are the profits being paid?
Yields are collected weekly or monthly at the bank designated by the Trader. Ever since the collection of the first profit, this capital will be completely available for the client.

The amount implemented can it be removed in between the program?
The invested capital will remain locked for the length of the program.

Which funds can I implement?
Clear, clean and with a non-criminal origin. For every asset the location of the deposited resources should appear clearly stated by the bank in question. If at the time of verification, there is any doubt on this matter, the transaction will be automatically dismissed.

Is reference been provided of previous transaction?
NO, as it represents a violation of the Rules of Confidentiality and of the Non-Discovery Agreement.

Jupiter Corporation specializes in the field of finance. Seasoned over decades, we are well organized when it comes to execution of assignments. Above all Jupiter Corporation provides greatest transparency and efficiency when it matter to performance. We have direct contact with a Trader´s Office regulated and supervised by the Fed for the development of the "Private Placement Programs" and also we have direct contact with a prestigious Cutting House to obtain MTNs - BGs "Fresh Cut" at an important discount over the face value thereof. Each submitted operation is studied in its singularity by our team and the client is assessed in every aspect. If you are interested to know more or want to link to one of our program then kindly get in touch with us.